Keen senses | Magic to bring your words to life | +5 charisma

Keyboard and mouse. Very effective against difficult jokes. Specially useful if the CAT armor is equiped.

Ultimate translation | Combined with CAT armor, it gives the translation a 500% boost. | Cooldown: 3 minutes (the time I take to make my fav. tea.)

Percy, Ahri and Saya | Upon summoned, they will purr causing the enemies to perish of too much cuteness.

Character background

Let me help you in the quest of providing more languages to your game. I’ve held a controller since I can remember, and I started getting into games with my SNES. I spent all my childhood looking for that perfect and lighted spot in which I could play Pokémon and soon I got my first PC and started helping my kingdom against invasors in AoE II.

My passion for video games goes beyond playing, that’s why I decided to study translation and to specialise in Video game localization and be part of something that brings so much joy all around the world.

I hope you can take me as a partner in bringing your game to life for the Spanish market, because it’s dangerous to go alone.

You can contact me with the form found at the end of this very page or at yourcupoftranslation[at]outlook[dot]es!
Don’t forget to click on the games I have translated or proofread!

I take great care in translating the characters as are designed,
that includes games that feature characters
who identify themselves as they/them.