The girl behind the T(ea)

Hey, listen!

(Si quieres leer esto en español, pincha aquí)

My name is Tamara Morales and I’m here to be the NaVi of your story but just the part of helping you. I won’t shout at your ear, I promise!

I love good adventure, metroidvania and RGP games without forgetting the old platform ones that got me into this hobby. I try every video game I can if I think it can be good, that’s how I became a fan of genres I didn’t like before like shoothers thanks to Bioshock or turn-based games thanks to Octopath and Child of Light which localization into Spanish is just marvellous.
I can talk about this for days and I am collaborating with Terebi Magazine; so you can read me in Spanish there analising video games because I love how they make me feel.
I am not only a fan of video games, I am also an avid reader and I have had the opportunity to translate three short stories from Shadow Show into Spanish.

In this web page you would find my CV and my portfolio with various samples; you can click on services to see what I can help you with and if you wish to know my rates, please send me an e-mail.

I hope we can cross paths in the future and start an adventure together because it’s dangerous to go alone.

P.S: You can also find me in Twitter and Facebook.