Professional translation/transcreation services

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Do you wish to reach the Spanish market? I got you! I have previous experience in translating books (sci-fi specially, I’m always down for some good sci-fi). I have been part of the translation team of Shadow Show which has short stories written by Neil Gaiman, Joe hill and Margaret Atwood amongst others. Here in this page you’ll find my name and here you can find a brief extract from the stories I had so much fun translating.

I have been teaching English for the most part of my life so I also know about education and the stages involved in language learning, I am a certified PTE G & YL Interlocutor/Assessor for Pearson. I am proud to say that my students have been the best students this woman could have had and I have learned from them as much as I have taught them.

I firmly believe that every translation has a bit of transcreation but sometimes you just want your text to have that something to be better understood by Spanish people. I could tell you to look at some of my texts but the NDAs forbid me to do so. Either way, if you’re not fully convinced, you can send me an email with a brief test to show you my skills.


Professional localization/testing services

Do you want Spanish people hooked up to your new game? Send me your files, a mouse and a keyboard and let’s just do it! After a Master’s degree in Creative Translation and an Expert degree in Video Game Translation and Localization, I am prepared to fight the final translation boss.

I am very familiarized with video games because I happen to play them and I am also familiarized with most platforms as I own a Wii, 3DS, a Switch, a PC a PS4 and, of course, a mobile phone. Here you’ll find various samples of my work/homework from the Expert. (Yep, I’m a Nintendo girl. Pokémon Yellow is to blame with that cute Pikachu following you around Kanto).


Professional proofreading services.

If you already have a translator and you just want some kind of revision just to be sure your product has the best quality possible prior to launch it to the Spanish market, I can also help you.

I would make sure you product is of final quality to give you and your customers the best experience possible.


If you’re an indie developer or a self-published autor, let me know so we can talk about special prices. 🙂

If you wish to contact me for any of these services, or any questions you may have, write to: